SIteGround Implements New SG Site Scanner by Sucuri

SIteGround Implements New SG Site Scanner by Sucuri

SiteGround, one of the leading web hosting providers, has just released their new site scanning service. It improves upon the already successful HackAlert Tool.  As SiteGround’s marketing director Lilyana Yakimova said:

“Having a website regularly scanned for security issues, is something we have always highly recommended to our customers. Our site scanning service (known as HackAlert until recently) has always been among the bestsellers and is used by thousands of our customers to check their websites and inform them in case of a malware. Today we are happy to announce that we have introduced a number of improvements to this services. It is now called SG Site Scanner, it is powered by one of the most prominent web security experts –, and it is simply awesome!

Why Sucuri?

There are several reasons to change our scan partner from Armorize to Sucuri. First, Sucuri is one of the most respected companies in the website security field. In addition, we have been working in partnership with them for several years. We have relied on their expertise for solving numerous complex security issues. And last, but not least, many of our clients’ websites have also been cleaned by Sucuri from malicious code over the years. That is why it was only natural that we extend this already successful partnership and make it cover the daily site scans too.

What is so good about SG Site Scanner?

More efficient scanning and reporting

We now scan all the pages that are linked on your website homepage (or any other page of your choice) on a daily basis. This has proven to work more efficiently than the previous system of scanning a limited number of 10 random pages. If any issue is detected the site owner immediately receives a notification email.

More convenient interface

The SG Site Scanner report page is part of your SiteGround Customer Area now. It is no longer needed to log into another interface to access information on the security status of your site. In case of an issue all infected URLs and/or blacklists are conveniently listed in the interface. It also allows you to push an unscheduled scan with a click and you can easily switch on and off the weekly email status reports.

If you already have HackAlert, no action is required on your part — it has already been replaced with the SG Site Scanner. You can learn more how to use it in our SG Site Scanner tutorial. If you are still not using any regular scanning service we strongly recommend that you start today. You can order the SG Site Scanner for any domain of your choice in your Customer Area.”

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